LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless. Design and Measurement Challenges. 2nd Edition

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The Next generation: Wireless Communications for Multimedia and Beyond

From both a technical and a practical point of view, there is still much to examine, evaluate and understand in 3GPP LTE cellular technology along with its evolution to LTE–Advanced. The first edition of this book, with content from Agilent engineers and other industry experts, covered basic concepts such as OFDMA, MMO and SC–FDMA. This second edition adds more detail on LTE and LTE–Advanced including the changes to the physical layer and upper layer signaling.

New material on LTE–Advanced testing has been added to the section on design and verification challenges along with much more on MMO testing and advanced performance testing of receivers and transmitters. The latest information on RF and signaling conformance testing is delivered by authors participating in the 3GPP standards committees and a new section on non–signaling manufacturing test outlines what′s needed to lower manufacturing costs.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 LTE Introduction 1Moray Rumney1.1 Introduction 1

1.2 LTE System Overview 1

1.3 The Evolution from UMTS to LTE 3

1.4 LTE/SAE Requirements 4

1.5 LTE/SAE Timeline 7

1.6 Introduction to the 3GPP LTE/SAE Specification Documents 8

1.7 References 10

Chapter 2 Air Interface Concepts 11

2.1 Radio Frequency Aspects 11Moray Rumney2.2 Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing 53Moray Rumney2.3 Single–Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access 62Moray Rumney2.4 Multi–Antenna Operation and MIMO 67Peter Cain2.5 References 89

Chapter 3 Physical Layer 91

3.1 Introduction to the Physical Layer 91

3.2 Physical Channels and Modulation 91Mitsuru Yokoyama, Bai Ying3.3 Multiplexing and Channel Coding 111Ryo Yonezawa3.4 Introduction to Physical Layer Signaling 128Mark Stambaugh, Jean–Philippe Gregoire, Peter Goldsack3.5 Physical Layer Procedures 142Peter Goldsack, Dr. Michael Leung, Dr. K. F. Tsang, CityU3.6 Physical Layer Measurements and Radio Resource Management 148Moray Rumney3.7 Summary 157

3.8 References 157

Chapter 4 Upper Layer Signaling 159

4.1 Access Stratum 159Peter Goldsack, Sarabjit Singh, Steve Charlton, Venkata Ratnakar and Darshpreet Sabharwal4.2 Non–Access Stratum 178Sarabjit Singh, Niranjan Das, andPeter Goldsack4.3 References 194

Chapter 5 System Architecture Evolution 195Per Kangru, JDSU; Eng Wei Koo, JDSU; Mary Jane Pahls; Sandy Fraser5.1 Requirements for an Evolved Architecture 195

5.2 Overview of the Evolved Packet System 199

5.3 Quality of Service in EPS 217

5.4 Security in the Network 221

5.5 Services 222

5.6 References 226

Chapter 6 Design and Verification Challenges 229

6.1 Introduction 229Moray Rumney6.2 Simulation and Early R&D Hardware Testing 232Jinbiao Xu and Greg Jue6.3 Testing RFICs With DigRF Interconnects 285Chris Van Woerkom and Roland Scherzinger6.4 Transmitter Design and Measurement Challenges 296Ben Zarlingo, Moto Itagaki, Craig Grimley and Moray Rumney6.5 Receiver Design and Measurement Challenges 340Randy Becker, Naoya Izuchi and Sandy Fraser6.6 Receiver Performance Testing 356Sandy Fraser, Naoya Izuchi and Randy Becker6.7 Testing Open– and Closed–Loop Behaviors of the Physical Layer 378Peter Cain6.8 Design and Verification Challenges of MIMO 392Peter Cain and Greg Jue6.9 Beamforming 430Craig Grimley6.10 SISO and MIMO Over–the–Air Testing 455Allison Douglas and Moray Rumney6.11 Signaling Protocol Development and Testing 472Ian Reading6.12 UE Functional Testing 480Mike Lawton6.13 Battery Drain Testing 493Moray Rumne and, Ed Brorein6.14 Drive Testing 499Bob Irvine, JDSU6.15 UE Manufacturing Test 509Jeff Dralla, Ken Horn and Moray Rumney6.16 References 526

Chapter 7 Conformance and Acceptance Testing 529

7.1 Introduction to Conformance Testing 529Moray Rumney7.2 RF Conformance Testing 531Hiroshi Yanagawa, Gim–Seng Lau, Andrea Leonardi and Moray Rumney7.3 UE Signaling Conformance Testing 549Pankaj Gupta, and Moray Rumney7.4 UE Certification Process (GCF and PTCRB) 555Masatoshi Obara, Mike Lawton and Moray Rumney7.5 Operator Acceptance Testing 560Bill McKinley7.6 References 564

Chapter 8 Looking Towards 4G: LTE–Advanced 567Moray Rumney8.1 Summary of Release 8 567

8.2 Release 9 568

8.3 Release 10 and LTE–Advanced 573

8.4 Release 11 587

8.5 Release 12 595

8.6 References 600

List of Acronyms 601

Index 613